VIP Package Sales End January 16

Released in late 2014, Recabinet 4 expanded Recabinet beyond cabinet simulation into amp modeling. In early 2015, the plugin will be getting a major UI redesign to accommodate dozens of new amp, cabinet, and effects models, spanning all eras and styles of the electric guitar and bass, and is being renamed the Recabinet Suite.

Expansion packs beyond the Recabinet 4 factory library will be available as paid add-ons, but we are running a limited time offer to get all expansions free for 3 years with the purchase of a VIP license.

Buy a VIP license now before they are no longer available!

Interview with Recabinet creator Shane McFee

DSP Reviews recently conducted an interview with Recabinet creator and Kazrog LLC founder Shane McFee. Read it here.

Recabinet 4 in RecordingReview

RecordingReview‘s Brandon Drury has posted a great review of Recabinet 4. We’re very honored to have such high praise from one of the most brutally honest reviewers in the industry. Thanks, Brandon!

Recabinet 4 sounds as exactly as good as my Axe FX. This is the first emulator plugin I thought was that good. (I consider my Axe FX to sound exactly as good as my real amps on a GREAT day and way better than my real amps on a bad day.)

I’ve thought guitar emulators have sounded pretty good for a long time, but Recabinet 4.0 pulls guitar emulators into full-blown prime time mode. I got a feeling its sounds are going to be great for everyone from Fender people to Vox people to Marshall people to Mesa Boogie, Bogner, etc.

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Recabinet 4.0.1 update & demo are live

Recabinet 4 users – be sure to log in and download this free update, which addresses numerous issues with the initial release (see the version history for details.) For those of you who haven’t tried Recabinet 4 / Thermionik yet, there’s now a free demo – download it here.

Official Kazrog forum is live @KVRAudio

We’re happy to announce that the folks at KVRAudio have been kind enough to host our new official Kazrog forum. This is a great place to discuss Recabinet with other users, and to receive support.

Recabinet 4 – Out Now

We’re happy to announce the release of Recabinet 4. All who pre-ordered have received their download links via email. If you didn’t receive your download link, please contact support.

We’ll also be releasing a free demo version of Recabinet 4 later this coming week. In the mean time, the Recabinet 3 demo is still available for download.

Recabinet 4 / Thermionik Teaser

A new revolution in amp modeling is on the way: Thermionik.

Happy New Year! (Plus Sneak Preview)

Happy New Year! We have some exciting things in the works here at the Kazrog labs. Here’s a preview of something we’re working on (click to enlarge):

Thermionik Preview

Stay tuned for more previews…

Recabinet 3.6.3 Bug Fix Update Released

Recabinet 3.6.3 has been released for VST, AU, and AAX formats, and is a recommended update for all users. This update fixes issues with session sample rates being loaded incorrectly in Reaper (and potentially other hosts in rare situations, see version history for details.) Download the update now.

Recabinet 3.6.2 Bug Fix Update Released

Recabinet 3.6.2 has been released for VST, AU, and AAX formats, and is a recommended update for all users. This update fixes issues with plugin UI refreshes and random CPU spikes that were reported in the previous bug fix update (see version history for details.) Download the update now.